Who’s who


Joe Berryman

I work locally within the city as an arboriculturist for a housing association. Though it’s my job, I have a personal interest in trees and the environment, and I’m convinced of the positive contributions trees can provide an urban landscape if resource, time and professional insight is given the opportunity to operate amongst other municipal priorities.

Dave Curno

My interest in nature began at an early age with a fascination for both marine and land based habitats. I continue to enjoy the marine environment and I’m the Royal Yachting Association SW area environmental representative. On the land side my interests have expanded since retirement and I volunteer with many organisations including Friends of Ham Woods, All Ways Apples, Burrator and the National Trust. My interest in trees is more towards woodlands and woodland habitats, including producing timber and coppicing. I’ve also been a Forest School volunteer with Sparkwell School for many years.

Chris Hunt

I grew up in Plymouth and have lived here all my life.  I have had an interest in trees since my early twenties having lived in an urban environment with not very many of them. I have always spent as much time as possible outdoors and am at my happiest in a woodland/park environment.  This led to me starting a tree care company in 1997 from which I recently retired.  I was mainly involved with trees in private gardens, schools and churches, and this extended to trees in the public realm when I joined Plymouth Tree Partnership.   I am an active  Tree Warden and lead volunteer efforts in the Family Tree Field, Central Park.  I am very practical when it comes to trees and will do what I can to `green up` this fantastic city of ours.

Penny Tarrant

I realised a long-held dream of moving to Plymouth in 2013, having spent my career in the City of London in financial services.  My ancestral roots and a large part of my family tree are based in Devon. I bring a business background with project management and process improvement skills, plus a determination to see positive change and conservation of both our natural and built environments in Plymouth.  I find trees awe-inspiring and want to do my bit to see them well-managed and protected.  I am a founder and a former chair of Environment Plymouth. I currently chair the Hoe Neighbourhood Forum, as well as being a committee member of Plymouth Open Spaces Network and a Board Director of Plymouth Waterfront Partnership.

Andrew Young

My interest in urban trees stems from a planting scheme to brighten dark corners of the dockyard in 1991 and I became a volunteer Tree Warden with Plymouth Tree Partnership soon afterwards.  Since then, I have pursued my interest of trees in the built environment by visiting other cities to observe how they are responding to the multi-disciplinary challenges involved and by gaining a Foundation Degree in arboriculture.  During the national Big Tree Plant programme, 2010-2015, I led Plymouth Tree Partnership in planting 800 amenity trees and work continues to get them properly established, while planting even more new and replacement trees.