The book

The book

Transforming a part of Central Park

The Family Tree Scheme ran from 2004 until 2022 transforming a bare field in Central Park into a landscape filled with trees and wildflowers, and open glades with places to sit.  Many visitors to the park say this is their favourite spot.  

The transformation was made possible by countless volunteer hours and donations and grants totalling more than £50,000. 

Each donation has been recorded in a book for the purpose together with a brief dedication message.  The names of individual donors are listed here.  The book is kept in Plymouth Tree People's office at Poole Farm, Leigham, and can be viewed by appointment. Email

Run as a partnership project between Plymouth City Council and local Tree Wardens, the field’s design theme is “trees of the world” and plantings have been grouped according to their continents of origin.  This map shows where trees on the Family Tree Field may be found and their names are on this list.

Each tree has particular cultivation needs which can be difficult to fulfil on the field’s shallow clay soil that is often saturated in winter and baked dry in summer.  Tree Wardens continue to provide the necessary care so that the young trees establish and grow to maturity.