Plymouth Tree People depends on its volunteers, whether that means coming to an organised event to plant or care for trees, watering one or two new trees over summer or making a longer-term commitment in respect of an area.  If this interests you or you can contribute with particular skills or experience, such as web communications, funding applications or administration, we would be pleased to hear from you.  The main Tree Warden roles are described in the links below.

The practical nature of Tree Wardening means that a few precautions are required which will be explained as part of a short induction.  Plymouth’s Tree Warden volunteers are among thousands in local networks throughout the United Kingdom. The Tree Warden scheme is coordinated and supported nationally by The Tree Council.

Role – Aftercare Provider

Role – Guided Walks Leader

Role – Orchard Keeper

Role – Projects Facilitator

Role – Researcher – Presenter

Role – Tree Nursery Keeper

Role – Tree Surveyor